Game-Coding/minis - Classic Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Eldar Wraithlord

One of my first models using blending techniques. Classic 2nd Edition model.

Eldar Corsairs Wayseeker

I painted this Wayseeker of my Black Hands Corsair Kill Team for Golden Demon 2023. The squad received a pin. The pink is definitely intended and hit exactly the tone I was aiming for. The base is digitally sculpted and 3d printed by myself.

Classic Eldar Warlock without helmet

This unreleased Warlock is one of 3 copies in the world. The legendary Juan Diaz made the conversion and I painted it for Olden Demon 2023.

Eldar Vampire Hunter

This Vampire Hunter was handed in at Golden Demon UK 2023 and won me silver. It was kept secret until the very last moment. The unusual yellow and violet was fun and challenging and nobody guessed it would be mine 😜

Eldar Warlock 2022

I painted this Warlock from the plastic release in white thorns to mimic my very old Warlock painted in the last millenium. One arm is from the Skyrunner kit. The cacti plants are self-sculpted in 3d and then printed.

FemaleEldar Biel-Tan Guardian

When GW sent me the new 2022 plastic Guardians before release, these were the ones I was looking for the most to paint. The green ended up much brighter than planned, but I love it. The white was my first attempt of strong white reflective material.

Eldar Dark Reaper Exarch

I had the honour of receiving and painting up the new 2022 plastic Dark Reapers early before release and got featured on Warhammer-Community with these.

Classic Eldar Harlequin

I wanted to give some love to an old 1988 Harlequin sculpt, but giving it a grim and dark feeling despite using strong colours and playful patterns. It earned a finalist pin at Golden Demon UK 2023.

Eldar Striking Scorpions Squad

I started them in 2017 and had them resting on my desk for too long. Finally completed, the jungle stalkers of Biel-Tan, my Striking Scorpions. They won 2nd price at Salute 2021, SciFi squad category. It also earned a Commended Entry card at Golden Demon UK 2022.

Biel-Tan Eldar Hornet

Freehands turned up to 11 on this one. Vines, thorns, rune with 3d-hover and emboss-effect. I really love the look of the vehicle in general though.

Imperial Fists 2nd Edition Space Marines

FThe squad is complete. My beloved 1995 Goblin Green was found dead by me just yesterday. I had to mix something for the other bases to match.

Imperial Fists Space Marine Primaris Inceptor squad

I "finished" this squad without bases so far, because I'm planning on using the models for something special. I am quite happy with how the sergeant's helmet turned out. Otherwise the models feel a bit lacking.

Imperial Fists Primaris Space Marine Librarian

I really enjoyed painting this dark and rich blue and I think it turned out very vibrant. The skull on the back is pure freehand, a blast for me to try something this detailed for the very first time.

Imperial Fists Primaris Space Marine Apothecary

I always wanted to play around with some reflective white. It's not as shiny as I thought I would go for at first, but using that style, it's more in line with my other Imperial Fists.

Imperial Fists Primaris Space Marine Bladeguard Veteran

I actually didn't plan to paint this until GW-Fanworld decided to have a painting compo with the Indomitus box as central topic. Painted in just under 30 hours.

Sir? We found her.

I painted this for the Golden Demon Winners Challenge 2019/2020. Two Primaris Infiltrators in camouflage searching for a missing Sister of Battle. One of them being an Apothecary, the other calling in via com to the mission control.

Eldar Striking Scorpion

I finished this as part of my Striking Scorpions squad and won first place at the online painting competition held by GWFanworld. It also earned a Commended Entry card at Golden Demon UK 2022.

Imperial Fists Space Marine 2nd Edition

I felt like giving justice to some models I started my hobby with and at GWFW a fitting competition at the same time was called 'twins' which I joined (got first place). So here they go.

Imperial Fists Space Marine Primaris Hellblasters squad

The usual issue when making a photo also riddled me here: Issues I will need to fix later on. These Hellblasters may be used in a different project later on, so enough time to get back to them.

Imperial Fists Primaris Infiltrator

GW-Fanworld decided to boost people's painting ambitions by making a minor competition every month. So I joined and completed this within 20 days. It clocked in at about 25 hours of work in total. A rather fast paint job, but I like the outcome.

Biel-Tan - Armies on Parade

Blood runs... Anger rises... Death wakes. War calls! The title of my board for Armies on Parade 2019. Meant to represent the Biel-Tan swordwind recapturing an old Eldar-planet, a paradise burned down. It won me silver overall and also the categories Best Painted and Monsters & Machines.

Aeldari Autarch

I painted this one up for Everchosen 2019. The cloak offered a good opportunity to turn wild with freehands and the vines and thorns with drop-shadow. The feathers were quite a challenge as I wanted them to be highly reflective. The model didn't make the first cut in store, so it didn't progress at the competition. It won gold at Salute 2021 SciFi single figure, though. After that, it was shattered to pieces by the staff accidentally.

Aeldari Autarch cloak

I had to paint a little side-project while working on my Striking Scorpions. Something awesome and something to complete in much less time due to being a single mini. I included pictures of the entire process that I went through.

Aeldari Vyper Jetbikes

Biel-Tan Vyper Jetbikes in all their glory. I liked the idea of the pilots and gunners having these velvet soft jackets in something that might or might not be bright leather. At first I thought of painting the gems on both Vypers differently, then decided against it.

Eldar Biel-Tan Wraithknight

I decided to pimp up the white surfaces a little more with the same 3d effects for the thorn-pattern to look like engraved. It earned a Commended Entry card at Golden Demon UK 2023.

Forge World Eldar Phantom Titan

I finally finished my Forge World Phantom Titan for my Craftworld Biel-Tan / Ynn'eal-Tan. I started assembling and painting this model in 2012 shortly after it's release and it took more than 350 hours of work in total. The motivation to finish this model had been very low. But Warhammer Fest came to Düsseldorf and I got it done for the show and won bronce!

Eldar Howling Banshee Exarch

I finished the Exarch for my Biel-Tan / Ynn'eal-Tan bladestorm to accompany the squad in order to hand them in for Golden Demon at Warhammer Fest Europe 2018. They earned a Commended Entry card!

Imperial Fists Space Marine Leviathan Dreadnought

Finally finished this Leviathan Dreadnought in awesome Imperial Fists yellow! That thing is a monster. I wasn't aware of how big this beast actually is because I was painting the parts separately. But boy, it is huge. Equipped with Cyclonic Melta Lance and Siege Claw.

Imperial Fists Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster

Not a Golden Demon entry for sure and unusual plasma gun colour, but I had to paint one of these guys. Straight from the Dark Imperium box a Primaris Hellblaster to support my other Space Marines. Now only the rest of the squad needs to be completed.

Eldar Lynx with Pulsar - basecoat

I really gotta get forward with my Swordwind army and that means I need some heavy hitting long-range-support. The Eldar Lynx is a pretty solid choice for that and that allowed me to practice some more green Biel-Tan marble-pattern texturing. Freehands still missing as this is heavy work in progress and far from finished.

Eldar Nightwing basecoat

I've finished with the green marble pattern and white panels for my second Nightwing. Next up will be freehand thorns with drop shadows and Craftworld specific iconography.

Green Biel-Tan marble pattern

Many people asked me how I do my green marble pattern for my Biel-Tan / Ynn'eal tan schema, so I made a tutorial.

Forge World Eldar Nightwing Interceptor underside

The 2nd Nightwing to support my Ynnari force. The upper side will be typical Biel-Tan / Ynn'eal-Tan green and thorns.

Imperial Fists Devastator Space Marines

To support my side-project with some heavy support, I painted some Devastator Marines I got for cheap. I equipped them all with plasma cannons.

Imperial Fists Tactical Space Marines

A side-project of mine is to expand on my Space Marines as 2nd playable home-army. These are some basic troops to fill the ranks.

Age of Sigmar - Stormcast Eternal Liberator

This is one of the most basic Stormcast Eternal Liberator miniatures available and it got painted for a competition where everyone had to use this miniature. Painted entirely in NMM gold (non-metallic metal). I ranked 2nd place.

Salamanders Space Marine

This is one of the most basic Space Marines miniatures available and it got painted for a competition where everyone had to use this miniature. Painted in NMM (non-metallic-metal) to give it a shiny appearance. I ranked 3rd place.

Eldar Howling Banshee squad

The last metal aspect models from GW. The hair nearly made me go mad and took me most of the time of these models. Part of my Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Swordwind army. They won a Commended Entry Card at Golden Demon EU 2018.

Eldar Warp Spider squad

Still 2nd edition models, because GW had not released new versions in 2016 yet. Part of my Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Swordwind army.

Classic Eldar Shrieker Jetbike squad

Classic Jes Goodwin plastic jetbikes from the 2nd Edition with metal shrieker cannon upgrades. Part of my Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Swordwind army.

Eldar Dark Reaper squad including Exarch

At the time of painting the most recent version of the models. Part of my Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Swordwind army.

Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Eldar Farseer

This Farseer was the last metal model and part of the Farseer with bodyguard box. I tried some provocative colors. It got a finalist pin at Golden Demon Warhammer Fest EU 2018.

Classic Eldar Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Farseer

Probably one of the first Eldar-miniatures I ever owned. It is the classic version, a very nice miniature-design I think.

Classic Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Eldar Wraithlord

One of my first models using blending techniques. Classic 2nd Edition model.

Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Eldar Vyper Jetbike

I first painted it in 1998 with dry-brushing, but reworked it in 2008 entirely.

Classic Eldar Fire Dragon squad

I tried a little bit of a more modern coloring on these, but still something that was supposed to pop. 2nd Edition models. Part of my Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Swordwind army.

Classic Eldar Fire Dragon

I painted this Fire Dragon as test to see if the colours would match my expectations. I like the firey, flamey look this guy got, so I went for a full squad.

Classic Eldar Dire Avenger Exarch

Painted in a very 1990-style schema. Not something I'd do again though ;)

Classic Eldar Dire Avengers

Two Avengers I painted in 2009 to complete the squad. 2nd Edition models. Part of my Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Swordwind army.

Classic Eldar Dire Avenger squad

Squad painted around 1999, two more painted in 2009. 2nd Edition models. Part of my Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Swordwind army.

Forge World Eldar Nightwing Interceptor

I started painting this in 2005, but added more thorns and a proper base much later. I won a local GW painting compo with it.

Forge World Eldar Wave Serpent

I customized the turret and added shapes to the front and back, since I don't like the standard Serpent turrent very much.

Forge World Eldar Scorpion Super Heavy Grav Tank Type II

I started painting this in 2010, but I will probably completely repaint it using a marble pattern.


Classic Ynn'eal-Tan / Biel-Tan Eldar Wraithlord

One of my first models using blending techniques. Classic 2nd Edition model.

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