Game-Coding/minis - Sanguinary Guard

One of my first attempts of using the airbrush. A lot of room to improve ;D

Sanguinary Guard

One of my first attempts of using the airbrush. A lot of room to improve ;D

Arenos Karlaen, Shield of Baal

One of my first miniatures.The Idea was to build up a mini diorama with Capt.Karlaen on a Space Hulk fighting a Genestealer. The base is from Micro Art Studio and the brood Nest is sculped with Greenstuff and Vallejo Still Water.

Imperial Fists Space Marine Primaris Hellblasters squad

The usual issue when making a photo also riddled me here: Issues I will need to fix later on. These Hellblasters may be used in a different project later on, so enough time to get back to them.

Imperial Fists Space Marine Leviathan Dreadnought

Finally finished this Leviathan Dreadnought in awesome Imperial Fists yellow! That thing is a monster. I wasn't aware of how big this beast actually is because I was painting the parts separately. But boy, it is huge. Equipped with Cyclonic Melta Lance and Siege Claw.

Imperial Fists Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster

Not a Golden Demon entry for sure and unusual plasma gun colour, but I had to paint one of these guys. Straight from the Dark Imperium box a Primaris Hellblaster to support my other Space Marines. Now only the rest of the squad needs to be completed.

Space Marine Leviathan Dreadnought claw

Some heavy steel claws for the Leviathan, painted in NMM

Space Marine Leviathan Dreadnought cyclonic melta lance

I heard ya like big guns? :D I still need to apply weathering to the black areas, so lots of scratching to do and that little bump right in the middle

Space Marine Leviathan Dreadnought shoulders

It's kind of sad that all the interior details of this Leviathan will not be visible when the weapon-arms will get attached. At least it's magnetised!

Space Marine Leviathan Dreadnought hips

Just a minor update on some heavy support Leviathan Dreadnought for my Imperial Fists Space Marine chapter. Currently I'm done with the legs, hips, armour plates and backpacks. Upper body interior mechanics still need to be painted and the weapons. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

Imperial Fists Devastator Space Marines

To support my side-project with some heavy support, I painted some Devastator Marines I got for cheap. I equipped them all with plasma cannons.

Imperial Fists Tactical Space Marines

A side-project of mine is to expand on my Space Marines as 2nd playable home-army. These are some basic troops to fill the ranks.

Salamanders Space Marine

This is one of the most basic Space Marines miniatures available and it got painted for a competition where everyone had to use this miniature. Painted in NMM (non-metallic-metal) to give it a shiny appearance. I ranked 3rd place.


Sanguinary Guard

One of my first attempts of using the airbrush. A lot of room to improve ;D

Sanguinary Guard [image 2]

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